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Treat The Soil and Discover Fertility

Humuson Complex is a new generation 100% organic fertilizer based on sapropel -centuries-old bottom sediments of freshwater lakes,
which formed from dead aquatic vegetation, remnants of living organisms, plankton and soil humus.

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Humuson Complex GROW+ Foliar Fertilizer

Grow+ Liquid Top Dressing is specially designed for intensification of plant root system development, increasing plant resistance to unfavourable environment condition. The product can be used
simultaneously with mineral fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides, increasing their effectiveness. The product is recommended to be used 7 days after the application of herbicides reducing plant stress

Humuson Complex Powder Soil Conditioner

This product is specially designed for soil protection from negative impacts of environment, climate, soil restoration and creation of fertile topsoil. The product can be applied using all standard
type machinery or manually


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Key Benefits of Using
Humuson Complex

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Why Use Our Fetilizers?

  • Enforce the development of beneficial soil

  • Accelerate biomass formation

  • Significantly reduce fertilizers costs

  • Improve yield, quality and soil fertility

  • Enhance drought and cold tolerance

  • Environment friendly ECOCERT fully organic products 

  • Provides a variety of natural nutritional elements (vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes and etc.)

  • Positive impact on stress resistance skills from symbiosis between soil/grooving media microorganisms and plant root

  • Increased resistance of plant to adverse environmental factors

  • Sustainable, long-term, and integrated positive effects on plants and soil

  • Stronger development of root system

  • Increase mineral nutrients bioavailability and its assimilability and many more

  • Unique composition and processing method

  • Usable in all types of agricultural technologies and machineries


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